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Lens Colors, Pricing* and Customization


Polarization is a filter that is embedded into the lens. Its main purpose is to block glare. It helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Recommended for most athletes and activities including but not limited to: cycling, golf, skiing, water sports, shooting and driving. Not recommended for extreme, icy conditions. (It is precisely that glare which will let you know where the ice is.)

Polarized Colors

  • Grey - Polarization blocks glare and has 80% light blockage.
  • Super dark grey -Polarized grey with a dark grey tint. Brings basic polarized up to 90% light blockage.
  • Super super dark grey -Take the super dark grey and we throw a silver mirror on top of it. Blocks 96+% of the light. Only for extreme bright conditions or very light sensitive people. Not to be used for driving.
  • Brown - Polar brown is a great all around lens. High contrast for better depth perception in bright light, yet light enough to wear when cloudy conditions arise. Has 80% light blockage.
  • Rose Copper - Slightly lighter than the polarized brown with a hint of red. Newest lens color, people are loving it! Has 75% light blockage.
  • Grey-green - Bright polarized light lens. Developed for pilots in WWII for glare reduction. Color is similar to classic Ray-Bans. Has 80% light blockage.
  • Drivewear- A polarized transition lens. Changes from a greenish/yellow in low light to a bright reddish brown in direct sunlight. Behind the windshield they are a copper to highlight the reds and greens of traffic signs. Has 45%-80% light blockage.

*Please note-All light blockage numbers are estimates. They will vary slightly by individual Rx lenses and brands.

Polarized Prices

  • Closed frame: $279 (Drivewear: $379)
  • Open bottom frame: $329 (Drivewear: $429)
  • Digitally surfaced progressive: $479 for closed-frame, $499 for open-bottom frame.


These lenses change from clear to grey depending on the UV conditions. Great for people who commute or ride in varying light conditions. They do not get as dark as regular sunglasses. Not highly recommended for people at high altitudes. They change based on UV rays, not sunlight, so it can be a cloudy darker day with a high UV index. They also do not change in your car based on the US protectant found on windshields. Many people believe that transition lenses will be great for mountain biking based on the "in and out" of the trees. We do not believe that this is the best lens for that, it will not change quick enough and lack the high contrast that is essential. Please call with any additional questions.

Transitions Prices

  • Full frame: $279
  • Open Bottom frame: $329
  • Progressive, open-bottom: $479
  • Progressive, full-frame: $499

Transitions X-tra Active

These lenses will turn a medium grey tint behind the windshields. They will start as a slight grey tint, (never turn fully clear) and get darker than the regular transitions.

If you choose to do transitions lenses, they look great with a mirror coating! The mirror will slightly show when the lens is clear and be a full mirror upon darkening. Mirrors will also help to cut glare. You can see more info under the mirror section.

Transitions X-tra Active Prices

  • Full frame: $305
  • Open Bottom frame: $355
  • Progressive, Full-frame: $499
  • Progresive, Open-Bottom: $519

Custom Tints

Lenses can be tinted almost any color, and most tints are based on personal preference. Listed are examples of our most popular tint colors and the light conditions for which they are best suited. Mirrors to cut glare and add a "look" can be added to any tint color, and anti-reflective coatings can be added for clarity in low light conditions. Please feel free to contact us regarding these options.

  • Clear -This is a standard clear lens. Has 8% light blockage. Anti-reflective coating can be added for 1% light blockage. The AR coating will be great for driving, night cycling and any other darker activity especially with surrounding lights.
  • Yellow - Classic high-contrast yellow lens. Has 20% light blockage. Adding anti-reflective coating will make it better for night driving and shooting. It will highlight the shadows and cut glare from the residual lights. AR yellow will have 12% light blockage.
  • Rose - General "pink" lens. Good for medium to low light, but too dark for night. Has 25% light blockage.
  • Orange - General "orange" lens. Good for medium to low light. High contrast in certain conditions. Has 45% light blockage.
  • "All around" Red- A great all around lens. One of our most popular. It cuts glare in the sun while giving good depth perception & contrast of field in the shadows and low light. Our best selling non-polarized lens. Looks GREAT with a blue mirror. Has 60% light blockage.
  • Brown - Bright light high contrast lens. Has 70% light blockage.
  • Grey - Basic grey lens. Can be made as dark or as light as you would like. Colors range in light blockage based on the desired tint.

Custom Tints

  • Full frame: $229
  • Open Bottom Frame: $279
  • Progressive: $379


Mirror Coatings

We can apply a mirror of almost any color to our lenses. The mirrors are largely for style, however they do add between 5-10% more light blockage to any lens, and are great for people with extremely light sensitive eyes. For many athletes, we suggest they consider the wear their lenses will endure, because mirrors can scratch rather easily, as well as react with the sweat produced during sports. They do, however, look great over many lenses such as "all around" red and Transitions. The most popular mirror coatings are either silver, gold or blue. We also offer specialty mirrors which come in green, orange, black, red, purple and many other color variations. Please call for options.

Mirror Prices

  • Standard Mirror Tones: $120 (Silver, Blue, Gold)
  • Specialty Mirror Tones: $145 (Orange, Red, Green, Purple, etc.)

Anti-Reflective Coating

AR coatings are recommended for lighter color lenses, such as clear or yellow. An AR coating is great for night time and indoor use, and will noticeably cut glare, halo spots and refection from surrounding sources of artificial light.


  • +$99 - We use Zeiss or better coatings that come with a 1-year warranty. Very durable.
  • +$135 - We use Crizal Alise or better. These coatings come with a 2-year warranty. Extremely durable!
*Prices are subject to change.
*All of our lenses include a scratch resistant coating.
*For an additional $50 we will add another scratch coat layer
and offer a 2-year one time replacement warranty.
Sports Optical also stocks many more frames and colors. Call 888-807-5165 for availability or to order. We carry Smith, Rudy Project, Oakley, Numa Optics, SPY, Randolph Engineering, Flying Eyes, Wiley-X, Panoptix and more. In Colorado, please visit our store in Denver – 5721 Logan Street.
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