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Rudy Project

All of our Rudy Projects offer adjustable nose pads and temples. This is great for those ordering both out of the state or country and/or are worried about fit. Our Rx lenses will be easily interchangable for varying light conditions. Please note that Sports Optical is the inventor and manufacturer of the lenses. We make everything in house, by hand, using our proprietary process and formulas. We do not resell other peoples Rx lenses. There is a reason why our lenses work better.

To order custom Rx lenses please call so we can discuss your prescription and intended  use and advise you of the best options available. We don't want you to have custom lenses made that won't work well for your situation/size/prescription.

Rudy Project Rydon prescription sunglasses 

Rudy Project Rydon
Blends cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced materials (Carbon, Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium) to create a super-lightweight, versatile, high performance sunglass. Takes prescriptions +2.00 through -5.00. Frames available in: black,carbon, demi turtle, platinum velvet, silver velvet, crystal, graphite, white pearl and tactical black.

Rudy Project Rydon II prescription sunglasses 

Rudy Project Rydon II
Same exact frame as the Rydon, but smaller lenses to fit smaller faces and/or higher Rx’s (to keep lenses thinner). Takes prescriptions +4.00 through -5.00.


Rudy Project Ketyum prescription sunglasses


4.5 out of 5 stars!
See the RoadBikeRider product review on Sports Optical's Rudy Project Ketyum Rx sunglasses...

Rudy Project Ketyum
Great fit for larger faces due to the spring hinges. Works great with strong prescriptions. Takes prescriptions +2.00 through -12.00. Frames available in carbon, titanium velvet, graphite velvet, and silver ice.

Rudy Project Noyz prescription sunglasses 

Rudy Project Noyz
A more stylish version of the Rydon. Medium fit and great frame color options. Takes prescriptions +2.00 through -4.00. Frames available in crystal (pink, purple and clear) Neon (pink, green and yellow), tactical matte black, white, and graphite.

Rudy Project Ekynox SX prescription sunglasses 

Rudy Project Ekynox SX
Small to medium fit full frame. This frame works great for stronger Rx’s because it hides the thickness of the lens. Takes prescriptions +5.00 through -6.00. Frames available in black gloss, tactical black graphite and titanium.

Rudy Project Zyon prescription sunglasses

See the Bicycle Network Australia product review on Sports Optical's Rudy Project Zyon Rx sunglasses...

Rudy Project Zyon
Full Frame version of the Noyz. Fits medium to larger faces and it has a larger lens for better coverage. Also features removable side shields for extra wind coverage. Takes prescriptions +2.00 through -4.00. Frame available in brown streaked, tactical black, white pearl, crystal, navy blue and graphite.


These are just our most popular styles. To Rx any other rudy project frame, please call us at 303-455-3369 or toll-free at 888-807-5165.

Sports Optical also stocks many more frames and colors. Call 888-807-5165 for availability or to order. We carry Smith, Rudy Project, Oakley, Numa Optics, SPY, Randolph Engineering, Flying Eyes, Wiley-X, Panoptix and more. In Colorado, please visit our store in Denver – 5721 Logan Street.
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