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Sports Optical

Sports Optical is a specialty prescription lenscrafter based in Denver, CO and has been a pioneer in the prescription sport optics industry. It has been featured in national publications and websites across diverse sports like cycling, shooting, tennis and others. They have a storefront in Denver and ship around the country and the world.

Mt. Falcon Prescription Sunglasses by Sports Optical


Mt. Falcon

The Mt. Falcon is a high-performance sport frame designed in-house by the experts at Sports Optical. It is compatible with interchangeable lenses, and it has all the features and style you need at a fair price.

Introductory Price: $109

Color: Matte Black
Prescription Range: +2.00 through -5.00

Press Release

(Denver, CO) - Custom prescription sport lenscrafter Sports Optical has released their Mt. Falcon performance eyewear frame. Designed as a high-performance sports eyewear frame, the Mt. Falcon is also able to accommodate ANSI z87 prescription lenses making it suitable for safety, LEO and military-use. The frame is ANSI z87 rated and it has passed mil-spec PRF-31013 testing.

The Mt. Falcon frame is made of TR-90 material, keeping it lightweight, durable and safe. It features an open-bottom frame style, which reduces fogging and sheds weight, and has adjustable, rubber-coated nose and temple-pieces, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit on a variety of faces through sweat and sunscreen. The lenses are crafted in 8-base curvature, which helps protect the eye from sun, wind and debris. For prescription-wearers, Sports Optical lenses provide a fully-functional peripheral vision. 

The frame has been issued in limited release, is available in matte black and costs $109 with smoke lenses. It can accommodate single-vision prescriptions ranging from +2.00 to -5.00, and custom prescription lenses are an additional cost.

To order custom Rx lenses please call so we can discuss your prescription and intended  use and advise you of the best options available. We don't want you to have custom lenses made that won't work well for your situation/size/prescription.
Sports Optical also stocks many more frames and colors. Call 888-807-5165 for availability or to order. We carry Smith, Rudy Project, Oakley, Numa Optics, SPY, Randolph Engineering, Flying Eyes, Wiley-X, Panoptix and more. In Colorado, please visit our store in Denver – 5721 Logan Street.
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