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William Conover - Katy, TX, July 2013
"I am a marathon runner who was in need of quality RX sunglasses to train in. It gets a bit warm here in South East Texas and the normal warp around shades don't cut it. After doing a lot of research and reading all kinds of blogs I found sports optical and was glad I did. They delivered exactly what I was looking for! I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about training and must wear RX lenses."
Ashley - San Luis Obispo, CA, August 2012
"I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my new prescription Paul Frank sunglasses. I know that your specialty is sports sunglasses (and as soon as I save up again, I'll be calling back for a new pair of Rudy Projets for running), but people should know that you do great work with fashion sunglasses too. More importantly, you know your stuff and you were finally able to tell me what would work with my prescription. Over a dozen other stores told me what I wanted was impossible with my prescription. As soon as I called and gave you my prescription, I got several great options, and I love the finished product!! Thanks so much for finally making me the sunglasses I wanted!!!"
Brian - via email, May 2012
"I just wanted to drop you a quick note and say thanks. This is the first time I've ever been able to wear curved lenses without feeling queasy. (It's also great to have peripheral vision that's in focus.) Good work! I'm telling everyone about what you do, even random strangers."
John - Ann Arbor, MI - via email, May 2012
"I just took the new lenses out for a 25 mile test ride - Excellent! The height is just fine, and the optics are superb - gnat's eyelash at 100 yards! Many thanks..."
Tony - Mansfield, Victoria, Australia
"I received my sunnies this afternoon. After the initial settle in, my first impressions are WOW. They take a little bit of getting used to compared to my specs, but they are without a doubt the best prescription sunglasses I have had. You were right - I love the rose copper polarised (I was even wearing them inside for a while). They will be going out with me on my ride tomorrow. Starting early morning, so I should probably wear the tranistions, but the rose copper I can just feel my eyes relaxing whilst wearing today. Thank you so much for your advice and customer service. I will be recommending you guys to anyone who wants to listen."
Mountain Bike Action, January 2008
"Corrective lenses in an attractive and highly functional sport glass design."
Mountain Bike Action, January 2008
"Breakthrough! Peripheral vision at last..."
Denver Daily News, November 2007
"Bret (the owner) shapes, bends and molds your prescription lens into a wrapped sunglass that exudes cool!"
Scooter News, February 2009
"This little Tennyson Street shop is nationally known for the quality of the eyewear the owner produces."
Rocky Mountain News, November 2008
"The specialty here is sunglasses and safety glasses for sports featuring direct lens technology which somehow coaxes prescription lenses into curved frames."
20/20 (optical trade magazine), April 2005
"In the athletic world, Sports Optical's Bret Hunter is truly lord of the lens."
20/20 (optical trade magazine), April 2005
"One of the reasons Hunter (the owner) is able to process lenses other opticians and companies can't, is that he designs his own machines for finishing lenses."
Mountain Flyer, July 2009
"Sports Optical spent a decade developing a proprietary formula they call Direct Lens Technology, which accommodates the close fit and wrap of sports frames."
Mountain Flyer, July 2009
"When I put on the glasses, I was blown away. The clarity was amazing! The best thing was I couldn't detect any difference in my depth perception."
Denver Post
"Hunter (the owner) has spent more than a decade perfecting his milling technique and is a pioneer in the realm of interchangeable prescription, polycarbonate lenses for wrap-around type shades favored by the racing riders, skiers, drivers and all sorts of athletes whose health depends on visual clarity."
Pez Cycling News, March 2005 and August 2006
"If you're looking to lighten up, clean up your view and lose the hassle of inserts period, check Out Sports Optical."
Pez cycling News, December 2008
"I have a lot of options available for eyewear and I have no need at all to call anyone else."
Pez cycling News, February 2010
"He's got a way to have the RX portion of glasses that maintain great clarity across a larger portion of the lens than any other wrap or large coverage glasses I have used. My vision is perfect way out into the peripheral range on these that is generally useless on other sport RX glasses (except to block wind and dirt)."
Bicycling Magazine, Sept.2004
"We were impressed by the quality and precision of the work."
Lindsay Shreiber, VMD - via email
"I cannot thank you enough for the Rudy Project Rydons which you custom made for me. The product as a sunglasses, prescription progressive eyeglasses, and wind shields for cycling is impeccable! At 48, these are the best pair of eyeglassses I have ever owned, and i have been wearing glasses since 5th grade!

Your service, shipping and handling were also impeccable. You did and excellent job in getting my glasses crafted and sent to me just before needing them for vacation!"

William J., MS, MCPD - via email
"The lenses are awesome! They give me such clarity with the wrapped shape, no distortion and complete quality. You have me as a customer for life!"
Jason K. via email
"I LOVE my glasses. Your service was fast, my interactions with you were efficient and you were quite polite and thoughtful throughout the process."
Paul C., President/Founder Rudy Project North America
"Nice work Bret. His (client compliment about Sports Optical lenses) email is a kudo to your expertise."
Ben and Matthew A., Sydney, Australia
"Hi Bret, Package received and as you say the lenses are awesome. Thank you."
David P., Iowa
"I tried the sunglasses on and WOW! I'm so glad that I chose to get them, Here's to looking at many cycling miles through your glasses."
Elliott W. via email
"Great job! Exactly what I wanted. Very impressive vision."
Karl B., Louisiana
"Lenses came in Friday by USPS, and even though I really liked the original Rudy lenses, yours are much better than the originals. Ya'll did a great job and you can be sure that I'll be recommending you to everyone I know."
Bernie K., Kentucky
"I just wanted to let you know again how much I love my glasses. I couldn't beleive the expanded field of vision over my regular glasses. The clarity and glare reduction was incredible. Sense the field of vision is broader."
John M., Michigan
"They are absolutely perfect for my needs. The combo of the very light and adjustable frame, the long adjustable nose piece, and the new lenses is superb; I can't imagine anything better."
Stephen C., Australia
"Hi Bret, You are a legend! The Rudy's are great."
Leslie H., Connecticut
"Just received the Ekynox SX and I can't wait to ride! The work on the lenses is beautiful. The fit is great."
Kevin F., Oklahoma
"Just wanted to say THANKS!! Got my glasses the other day and they are AWESOME. Amazing quality optics. Very nice work."
Mohammed Z., Dubai
"Yesterday I got them and what I can say that the job is a piece of art. They are excellent and done by a professional person."
Peter C., North Carolina
"The glasses are simply awesome. Optics are amazing. I'm a big fan, let me know what I can do to promote them for you."
Gregg M., Florida
"I've have NEVER had a pair of glasses so easily to adjust to and so quickly comfortable. The notion of wearing them for an afternoon and falling over while my brain adjusted just never happened. Whatever I can do for Sports Optical, let me know. These are absolutely brilliant."
Ruth B., California
"They are GREAT! Fit perfect, love the color and I can SEE the road! Thanks so much... it's risky ordering online without trying the glasses on, but they are perfect!"
John M., South Carolina
"I started off in very cloudy conditions and returned in full sun... I really enjoyed them! They are so much lighter in weight with more visibility than my old ones. Thanks for your input in selecting them. And thanks for making them!!"
Chris P., Massachusetts
"The vision has been excellent (I can't wear contacts, so I've never had peripheral vision like I do with these wrap lenses), and the recommended Rydon frames have worked well too. I appreciate the excellent service and the great product."
Chris, Manhattan, NY
"I received a pair of crisp, distortion free direct fit lenses for way less then what some of the big guys charge and I have never been happier on my bike."
Mike L.
"Just received my Oakley Jawbones- freaking awesome. Seems you got the optical centers spot on (something others seem to have trouble with), clarity is fantastic, very nice lens tint and nicely polished lens edges for a pro finishing touch - thanks for the great work!!"
Adam, Denver
" just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new sunglasses!I bought your prescription rose sport lenses in a NUMA frame for the Tough Mudder at Beaver Creek last weekend. My glasses performed flawlessly, and don't have a scratch after ten miles of trails, mud, snowmelt water, obstacles and snow. I couldn't have finished the race without them!"
Sports Optical also stocks many more frames and colors. Call 888-807-5165 for availability or to order. We carry Smith, Rudy Project, Oakley, Numa Optics, SPY, Randolph Engineering, Flying Eyes, Wiley-X, Panoptix and more. In Colorado, please visit our store in Denver – 5721 Logan Street.
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